How To Sell On Amazon

How To Sell On Amazon

Selling stock on Amazon is an excellent way to earn some extra pocket money, to supplement your existing eBay selling or even to make a great living. And the great news is that the process of getting your hands on cold, hard cash in exchange for your goods on this website couldn’t be simpler! Just follow these three simple steps and before you know How To Sell On Amazon will be pumping funds straight into your bank account.

Step One – Register with Amazon

You won’t do well trying to sell stock on Amazon without first setting up an Amazon account. This is no problem at all if you just want to clear out the clutter in your house, but if you want to make your living through buying and selling on this website then setting up a new account for your operations is recommended to help you to stay on top of your finances.

There are two different types of Amazon seller accounts:

  • Individual – These accounts are completely free to set up, but you will be charged a small fee for each sale that you make. If you only want to sell a few items every month, then this is the best bet for you.
  • Pro-Merchant – Expecting to sell a lot? This account comes complete with a monthly fee, but with no standard cost per sale (other than Amazon’s usual percentage cut) this is the better option for selling many items.

No matter what account you choose to go with, setting yourself up is wonderfully simple. Just follow the instructions on the Amazon website to get yourself registered and you’ll be selling before you know it.

Step Two – Find the Items You Want to Sell

Now that you’re registered and ready to start selling on Amazon, you need to search through the vast amounts of goods on the website to find the product that you are looking for. It is possible that the product won’t actually exist already, in which case you will need to create a new product description for it. As Amazon has such a vast catalogue of items it is quite likely that the items you want to sell already exist, and selling pre-existing items is definitely a good place to start to familiarise yourself with how Amazon operates.

Step Three – List Your Items for Sale

There’s a great little button on the Amazon website that’s labelled ‘Sell yours here’. This button does exactly what it says on the label! As soon as you have found the products that you want to sell, you need to click on this button to the right-hand side of the product page. You will be asked several questions such as the Condition of the item in question and, of course, the price that you would like to offer it for. Just follow the simple three pages of instructions that that’s it!

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